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Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic Lift

Get Powerful Hydraulic Lifts for Your Bigger Boats

The hydraulic system offers greater lifting power and speed to your boat lift. You want all the support you can get for your boat. Safeguard it today by letting one of the licensed and insured contractors at Lifetime Dock & Lumber Inc install our innovative hydraulic system. If you have an existing hydraulic lift, don't delay! We can also assist you with repairs.
Our Lifetime Boat Lift (LBL) Hydraulic Power System lifts are the only completely hydraulic side elevator boat lifts available today on the market.

Features of Our LBL Hydraulic Power System:

  • 7 times faster than a cable system
  • Complete hydraulic system with no cables or pulleys
  • Self-contained system includes pump, motor, and reservoir installed on the lift and not on your dock or seawall
  • Travel speed 1 foot every 7 seconds
  • Mechanical locks
  • Stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum construction
  • Radio remote control with 500-foot range

Hydraulic Power Systems vs Cable Systems

For cable systems to lift bigger boats, larger cables, more pulleys, bigger gear drives, bigger and faster motors, or a combination of all of these is required. The result is either a very slow lift or a high-maintenance mechanical system or both.
Contact us today and speak with one of our representatives to see which boat lift option is perfect for you!
Hydraulic Lift
Hydraulic Lift
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